About ME.dok

The media and communication studies journal Me.dok was established in 2006 at the initiative of the doctoral students of the Hungarology Doctoral School, published by the Medea Association. At the beginning, it published the proceedings of the biannual conferences, as well as also successful BA theses. As from 2010, the journal upgraded the scientific relevance of the articles, publishing thematic issues including contributions of widely recognized specialists in the field of media and communication. A survey conducted in 2016 on the tenth anniversary of the journal’s existence revealed that it has become a major forum for media and communication experts both in Romania and Hungary.

Me.dok appears both in print and online, four times a year. The Me.dok archives provide online access to all the previous issues published. The journal publishes studies in the history of journalism, contemporary media analyses, studies on the general problem of communication, as well as reviews. In addition to Hungarian, the languages of the journal also include English and other foreign languages.


The media studies journal Me.dok (print ISSN 1842 2498, online ISSN 2601 - 503X, ISSN-L 1842 - 2438) was qualified as C category journal by ordinance 11441/15.12.2008 of CNCSIS (National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education)

The journal is included in the Index Copernicus (IC), CEEOL - Central and Eastern European Online Library and Erih Plus online databases.

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