Peer review

The articles sent to the ME.dok review are subjected to an evaluation process regarding their scientific level and quality. Our peer review process follows the steps above:

  • The scientific papers that are transmitted to our contact address (kmki.kolozsvar[at] are analyzed by our editorial staff in order to establish if they comply with the general thematic of our journal (media history, media and communication theories, media and culture issues, and similar themes), if they meet the ME.dok’s editorial policy and requirements, and respect the rules enounced in the “Submission guidelines” menu of the homepage.
  • If the article respects the basic references described in the precedent phrase, it is received by an editorial and scientific advisory and critic board. Every paper is double-blind peer reviewed, and this process may last between two and three months.
  • The ME.dok’s editorial team communicates to the autor(s) the remarks and/or the publication conditions specified by our experts and by the editors, together with the deadline of the suggested modifications.