Submission guidelines

The authors are kindly requested to observe the following editing requirements:

  • please send the text as a .doc, .docx or .rtf file
  • articles (except the abstracts and keywords) should not exceed 20.000 characters
  • the articles should be headed by the title and the name of the author
  • the title should be followed by a list of keywords divided by SEMICOLONS
  • please include a short introduction of the author: professional title, affiliation, the time and place of the lecture (if it was delivered before at an academic event), and contact details (email).
  • please use automatically numbered endnotes, and include a bibliography and attachments (if any) at the end of the text
  • book titles and journal titles in the main text should be emphasised with italics
  • please use inverted commas of the type: “ ”


Bibliographic references:

  • In case of multiple authors, use the name of the first author and abbreviate the rest with et alii; in case of volumes of studies, include the editor’s name with the abbreviation ed.
  • In case of online sources, please include the access date as well.



  • Please use the Harvard system (in which case it is not necessary to repeat the entire reference in each note). Please avoid the use of small capitals or italics for the name of the author
  • In case of foreign authors (non-Hungarian), please use the last name, first name order.
  • If you use several works of an author published in the same year, differentiate it by small letters added to the date of publication both in the notes and bibliography.


Guidelines for external peer-reviewers / ME.DOK (Media-History-Communication)


Please consider the following criteria when writing you review:


1. Originality


Does the study present the results of original research? Does this article make a fresh contribution to the area of study, or does it reiterate existing knowledge?


2. Context

Does the author place the material in the context of up to date, relevant research in the area discussed in the article? Are the claims of the paper properly placed in the context of the previous literature?


3. Focus

Does the article have a clear focus?

Is the material ordered in a structured and focused manner?


4. Sources

Has the author made use of appropriate primary and secondary sources, or has s/he omitted key ones?

Has the author used the sources in a manner consistent with her/his argument?

Does the research meet all applicable standards of ethics and research integrity?


5. Argument and style

Has the author produced a clear argument in a clear style? Do the arguments and analysis support the claims?


Please end your review by stating whether or not you recommend publishing the paper (with or without revisions).



The external peer-review process is strictly confidential and should be treated as such by reviewers. Reviewers must not take any confidential information they have gained in the peer-review process and use it before the paper is published.


Competing interests

When submitting your review, please indicate whether you have any competing interest.