The history of MEDEA Association


Medea Association

Address: 400009 Cluj-Napoca, str. Napoca 16

Tel: 0740 494933

President: Dr. Péter Cseke

Secretary: Dr. Gábor Győrffy


The Medea Association was established in September 2005 as a background institution of the Hungarian department of the Institute of Journalism, with its primary objective to support the educational and research activity of the institute.


The initial objectives of the association were:

  • to support media research
  • financial, organisational and technical support for students, researchers, professionals in the field of the written media, radio, television, communication
  • organisation of seminars, conferences, research trips and summer camps
  • publication of books, journals, informational material to assist the training activity and promote research


Objectives reached before the beginning of 2010:


  1. the media research journal Me.dok (Media–History–Communication) has been published four times a year since 2006, celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2016
  2. two conferences on media and communication research a year in the period of 2006 to 2008
  3. publication of conference proceedings


The research activity was reorganized in 2010 with the establishment of the Institute of Communication and Media Research within the Medea Association. As of 2014, the publisher of the conference proceedings has been the ICMR.


The Statutes of Medea Association as adopted at the general assembly of March 2015:


Additional document


Which contains the Statutes of the Medea Association with the modifications adopted by the general assembly on 20 March 2015


Medea Association


The headquarters of the association is Cluj-Napoca, Napoca Street no. 16, Cluj County, Romania. Based on the decision of the founding members, the association may establish branch offices both in Romania and abroad.


Objectives and activities of the association

Primary objectives of Medea Association:

  • supports media research by means of the Institute of Communication and Media Research
  • financial, organisational, technical and media partnership support for students, researchers, professionals in the field of the written press, television, media, etc.
  • organizes events in accordance with the objectives of the association
  • publishes books, journals, informational material in accordance with the objectives of the association
  • organizes professional training courses


The association intends to reach its objectives through the following activities:

  1. finds internal and external financial resources, distributes the resources obtained based on the statutes and the legal regulations, in order to reach the goals of the association;
  2. elaborates studies and programmes in order to support and assist media research
  3. organizes professional training courses for the members of the association, meetings, symposiums, conferences, discussion forums, camps and fields trips, club activities, supporting participation to similar events;
  4. makes contacts with other organizations with similar activities, in the country or abroad, and facilitates the cooperation between members of partner-institutions;
  5. settles controversial cases between members of the association and members of other partner-institutions
  6. publishes journals, newspapers, books in order to support and achieve the goals of the association
  7. the association can establish a limited liability company with the condition to comply with the statutes of the association and legal regulations
  8. in order to achieve its goals, the association can employ personnel with technical, economic, or other kind of training, complying with the regulations of the Labour Code.